Gendarmerie harvests HDP murderer's crop

Gendarmerie harvests HDP murderer's crop

Crop of a HDP member was harvested and sent to their owners by gendarmerie who is also the suspect of a homicide of killing 2 HUDA PAR members in Kozluca (Xanike) village in Sırnak province before the 7th June General Election.

It is reported that Murder suspects’ crop was harvested by a combine harvester and sent them by gendarmerie forces on 25th june Thursday who they are the murderers of  HUDA PAR members M.Serif Simsek and A.Celil Talayhan  who were killed by HDP members when they came to Kozluca(Xanike) villageand created trouble there  just before 7th June general election .

As it is remembered on 29th May 2015 in Kozluca (Xanike) 2 HUDA PAR members were slain and the helicopter reached the crime scene soon took the family of the murderers while the casualties were on the ground. The father, one of the suspects of the murder who was reportedly said to his son “Bring the Kalashnikov” was released but his son was arrested.

State that took the suspects under protection by releasing one of them also put the suspects’ properties in the village under protection then they brought a truck under gendarmerie surveillance and took their all belongings from their houses.

Moreover, the things the victims went through wasn’t that mentioned above but also even though the murder committed by HDP members, over their statements HUDA PAR’s houses were invaded and messed up by gendarmerie forces under so called investigation.

State has proved that she uses her merciful hands only for HDP/PKK members even harvesting their-murderers’- crops whereas state didn’t intervene to the attacks in which some religious families were attacked by automatic weapons for 8 hours in Cizre. (ILKHA)

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