Missionary clamp in university

Missionary clamp in university

Fleeing to Gaziantep from the civil war in their country, the children of Syrian refugees who settled in Gaziantep and university students being made Christian under the pretext of Arabic and English teaching houses opened by missionaries, make these children they captured read the Bible in these houses.

Missionaries Christianize Muslims in Turkey that they capture, the Christianization of Muslims is tried by reaching the children in different ways.

Taking the children of Syrian refugees in their clamp in under the pretext of helping the children missionary associations are this time opening places to Christianize university students under the free Arabic and English language training courses.

While “The Gaziantep Harvest Partner Churches Association” taking children of Syrian refugees under their effect, it was indicated that missionaries are Christianizing university children by using the houses they opened around university in pretext of free English and Arabic lessons beside offering them to pay off their studying costs.

While it is taking ones attention that the association is implementing their works under the great secrecy, Syrian children and university student that are Muslim being trying to Christianized caused a great disturbance in the population. Reacting to the situation citizens, considered the event, as “selling snails in a Muslim neighborhood.”

Stating to Ilke News Agency that in those houses that designated around the universities, college students were trying to be Christianized by being offered free Arabic and English lessons those good Kurdish and Turkish speakers, Mohammed Sabri Altun said they were trapping them by offering free lessons and try to Christianize them.

Stating that he realized the situation When he went to get free English and Arabic language lessons, student Altun said that afterwords also he has witnessed this the Christianizing activities of this Association around the neighborhood that he lives.

"First of all they gave me a book that on the cover it writes Bible in Turkish and English"

Indicating that he was a University student and he went to these houses because of that he wanted to learn Arabic, Altun said that the decision to go to this place he was inspired by his friends.

Altun said “I have learnt that free Arabic lessons were given in some of the houses around the university. When I went there the first time I didn’t know there were different lessons other than courses of Arabic and English lessons at the house. Then I went to a house in our neighborhood that Arabic and English courses were given. First of all they gave me a book that on the cover it writes Bible in Turkish and English. Then I have learned that the aim was to teach Bible under the name of free Arabic and English courses, here."

"They are trying to inject their own ideas, by taking people away from Islam"

Additionally stating that the aim was to Christianizing the children and young people here, Altun said that he has seen that constantly Syrians were coming here and these children were being paid under the name of help and their families being helped as well.

Altun said, "I have learned that Syrian children being given Arabic and English lessons there. Taking advantage of the Syrian families suffering, they try to reach them and doing propaganda of the Christianity."

"In order to the name of the association not to take attention the name sign of the association is hung inside the association"

Indicating that the sign of the Association is deliberate placed inside, Altun said that it has attracted his attention of not hanging the association board outside but hanging it inside, he said that approximately 100 children were taking classes here.

Indicating that the children were being recommended not to read Quran at home, Altun said that for excuse of this demand to children they told “So that you won’t confuse.”

"Foreign plated vehicles were coming there"

Indicating that constantly foreign plate numbered vehicles were coming to the association and they were bringing various materials, Altun said that these materials were given to the families who were sending their children to these associations and they were reaching more families through giving away these materials.

Altun said "They tell to the Syrian and Turkish victim families that they would just help them if they sent their children to these places. And those who do not register their children were given help even if they were the victims.” (ILKHA)