State must do its duty against perverted groups

State must do its duty against perverted groups

A snowballing reaction has arisen against the marching of LGBT groups took place in Taksim. Regarding this rally as an insult against their faith, NGOs indicated that, “Political will and state authorities must do their duty against these perverted groups.”

Slamming the marching of LGBT reveler, Islamic NGOs objected the purpose to portray Islamic values as a target by these perverted groups.

Considering the events as perversion, head of Diyarbakır Degerleri Koruma Dernegi (Association for Preserving the Diyarbakır values) Association Recep Idikut has made a call to political will, state authorities and Public Prosecutor made their duties against these perverted groups and their supporters who attack Islamic values.

Indicating that displaying these behaviors in this holy month in a country 99% of Muslim by these perverted groups is an insult to Muslims’ faith, Idikut drew attention that these kinds of behaviors will be neither first nor the last one if Muslims remain silent to these manners.”

“Muslims to take action against this dishonor and impure march”

Saying that the “Trans pride march” performed by LGBT members in Taksim was a dishonest and impure action, Idikut remarked that “all Muslims must stand against them and the state officials also must do its duty against this perverted community.”

Idikut “This group self-proclaimed as people of Lut and they claim performing this demonstration on behalf of freedom and pride. Yet, they restrict the freedom of people except themselves and insult the pride of the others. Insulting people’s faith isn’t a freedom. They sell their deviant illnesses and perversion as a matter of freedom. Exclaiming their perversion in front of the Muslims is an insult to Muslims. Beyond their calls we mustn’t leave the field to them. We have to protect our holy values. We have to tell and teach people our values. When we don’t take action and don’t tell ourselves some others fill this gap and furthering their perverted ideas in the society.” said in his statement.

“There has never been this kind of perversion in Kurdish society neither now or before”

Indicating that political will must call prosecutors to do their duty against this perversion performed at Taksim, Idikut calls every body to stand against this perverted group.

“HDP self-proclaimed of being a Turkey Party shows up with different groups in the streets. They cannot be the representative of Kurdish people in this instance however they are acting in the name of some others just trying to misguide and impose their ideology to Kurdish people. Since 1450, Kurdish People accepted Islam as their religion; they have always protected their values and their faith. This kind of perverted people have never been in Kurdish society neither yesterday or before yesterday. But some have been trying to export this cursed group to Islamic lands and Muslim society. This is a big shame of those who claim themselves as the representative of Kurdish people to pose in the same picture with these perverted people.” said Idikut as his final words in his statement. (ILKHA)