'War against directly to Islam and Muslims'

'War against directly to Islam and Muslims'

Saying that Islam nations are under attack en masse both spiritually and militarily even though we are in holy Ramadan month, Mehmet Goktas said that the reason of this attack is Islam’s hopefulness to the societies.

Chief Editor of weekly Dogruhaber newspaper, Mehmet Goktas indicated that, “Even though we are in holy Ramadan there are ongoing attacks against Islam and Muslims all over the world especially Muslims and Islamic values are under attack in Turkey.” Goktas emphasized that these attacks are not against an Islam that is leaving the lands but an Islam which is coming to lands.

Saying that, when we look at the present situation in Islamic world we can define a lot of reasons for the current state, Goktas underlines the main problem as discord among Muslims.

 “Attacks are not against a fading Islam but reborn from its ashes”

Scholar Goktas said, “This scene is so positive for us if these attacks and raids target us  that because of our Islamic awakening in other words if Islamic world wakes from deep sleep to get rid of chains of imperialism which they aim to prevent us to revive. But this situation has a future, a tomorrow. Yet, if we are being under attack because of our ineffectiveness or our discursion that cannot show any reflex then this is a great disaster for us. But when I glance at the current situation, I see these attacks are not against a kind of Islam that fades but an Islam reborn from its ashes.”

 “With the help of God, these all evolve to an awakening of Islam”

Indicating that we can make sense of the attacks of enemies of Islam but we hardly understand the conflicts among Muslims, Goktas said that, “There are such places that the ones who claim their fight on behalf of Islam are shedding Muslim blood. Can you imagine that? One of the greatest problems of us is being lack of foresight. How can killing each other- fratricide- can be explicated? According to me the most essential point is to do what brotherhood wants us to do now. With the help of God these all will evolve to an awakening in Islamic world. With God will, we are awakening after all they attack us to hinder us or retard our awakening. Number of conscious Muslims is increasing day by day. We plead God to cease our sufferings at once.”

 “War against directly to Islam and Muslims”

Goktas remarked that, “Countries like Israel, The USA and Russia write the Islam on terrorist lists and they fight against Islam. We have to be up against these and be in the ranks because this war is against directly to Islam and Muslims.”

“These disgusting groups are polluting our streets”

Indicating that with the rising corruption in our moral values, perverted LGBT members are insulting Islamic and Humanity values shamelessly, Goktas ascertains that these are all again result of disunity among Muslims. And Scholar Goktas said that, “Due to Muslims are challenging with each other these disgusting groups are polluting our streets.”  (ILKHA)