'Sunnis Alevis were also victims'

'Sunnis Alevis were also victims'

Indicating that Sivas-Madimak event was a plot that was already prepared by the deep state, researcher-Writer lawyer Emin Gunes said that the punishments were given to people after the incident weren’t any different than the punishments given to people by Sisi junta.

Carrying deep scars on it, the fog curtain on it still wasn’t opened Madimak hotel fire event, commemoration ceremonies held for those who lost their lives in this incident. While the trick on the event still not been resolved. While those who organized the event weren’t being revealed, in this event religious people were being punished with no evidence, which left question marks in the minds.

Sating that Despite all this time passed the perpetrators of Madimak Hotel weren’t found and the incident was a plot that already prepared by deep state, researcher-writer lawyer Emin Gunes said that the religious people being arrested and punished with no evidences, looks like the decisions of the Sisi’s fake courts of junta decisions.

Indicating that the Madimak Hotel incident looks like the other examples over the world, Gunes said, "Apparently it seems like the event is an instantly developing incident towards Aziz Nesin who insulted Allah and prophet. But actually by investigating the event, one can see that the event looks like the plots were prepared to Naqshbandi’s living within the Ottoman borders."

Indicating that with the plots Naqshbandi’s living within the Ottoman border were targeted to be removed from the country, Gunes said that within this plot committed both Sunnis and Alevies were being victims.

Seeing Islamic people as responsible of this event is not a correct attitude

Evaluating that statement of some politicians are interpreted as the responsible of these events are Islamic people, Gunes continuously said: "It is impossible for Muslims to act upon such a thing. Because, even to punish the people whose crime is not proven by burning is not permissible according to our religion.  Then, why would Muslims do such things? Let's say that Muslims did that, than how one would expect that the event would benefit them? Whose heart did this event cool down? That is why; Muslims certainly wouldn’t do such thing. Plus there are many Alevies in Sivas and they have very good relations with Sunnis. There is no problem witnessed among them. But some did try to scratch some differences between them."

Even those who weren’t there, were punished within statements of fake witnesses

Expressing that even the ones weren’t there at the time the incident occurred being punished within statements of liar witnesses, shows that the event was a plot that edited by some areas, Gunes said, "implementation plan was as follows: There was a list has prepared to destruct the people who are the brain of the Islamic movement in Sivas. Those who were in the list would be judged by prosecution after the event. Even, many people on the list were not even in Sivas on those days. For example, a driver was claimed to be there, has a prove of traffic fine was written to him in another city. However, police chef sets up fake witnesses among polices to accuse the people were on the list. Each would tell someone's name in the list. But the witness did not recognize the people in question. So they received a list of on which chair who would sit. During the court according to lawyer’s request places of people whom were accused was changed by court then the witnesses did point wrong people but the court didn’t recognize this. Some police chiefs come later admitted it, but the court did not accept. From beginning to the and it is a complete plot, complete trap. "

The punishments were given in Sivas are not any different than the Sisi courts which gave public execution

Stating that the court illegality experienced just can be committed by Sisi junta, Gunes spoke as follows: "Before the event was seen as a social uprising so it was punished accordingly. Supreme Court decided that the punishments weren’t enough so decided them to be punished on organizational crime. Recognizing that, the Court impose a penalty from criminal organizations. The lawyers of the defendants said 'as they give us crime organizational penalty than we should apply for the repentance law’. Than the Court wrote a letter to the police and police said that such an organization wasn’t exist. When it comes to repentance law court says that ‘it is not organizational crime’ but when it comes to punishing them than ‘they say that they are terrorists’. Such absurdity of such a law can be just handled by the Sisi. That mass executions of punishment in Sivas are not any different than fake courts of Sisi in Egypt or independence courts of once upon a time in Turkey."

"There is deep state suspect in this event"

Indicating that Ergenekon and Balyoz arrests whose punishments were approved were released even with an authority saying that ‘there is plot’ but in other hand there are these people whose innocence is proven are being victimized, Gunes stated that government didn’t do their part of duty in this regard.

Drawing attention to the deep state, Gunes said, "There bullets found in the bodies of some people lost their lives in the event. Even it wasn’t investigated where those bullets came from and whose guns they came out of. There is a team, which taken people to the hotel and enhancing the slogans, making them burn the hotel. But deep state is doing their job so professionally, this team will never be found. For example, we know the example of this from Hezbollah file. State takes some people from prison and makes them do assassination. So, where would you search the murderer at? In the city, in the mountains, in a village or abroad but perhaps you wouldn’t look for in prison for the murderer because there is no possibility of a prisoned person to go out and commit crime but government is doing this. Perhaps those who committed the crime on that day were such a team."

Stating that Ugur Mumcu, Bahriye Ucok, A. Taner Kıslalı and Sivas incidents are organized by deep state and they are related to eachother, Gunes said that some are trying to create problems in different subjects to keep the Turkey ill.

Also the Basbaglar event is part of the same scenario

Indicating that few days after the Madimak Hotel incident 33 innocent people were massacred by same forces, Gunes indicated that Muslims didn’t look after that incident properly.

Gunes has spoken as follows, “Also Basbaglar incident can be committed by same forces either to appease the anger or the other party or to create a new offensive behaviors against Alevis. As those who lost their lives in Madimak hotel didn’t deserve this, those who were killed in Basbaglar are more innocent not to deserve this massacre. So called 90 percent of this country are Muslims, all Muslims are like to cry or be sad for their group, their  networks so unfortunately the slaughter of Basbaglar wasn’t literally owned by all Muslims.  Different sects or groups are perceived as if they were different religion. Anyway this attitude is the reason of the situation that we are suffering in.” (ILKHA)