22nd year of Basbaglar massacre

22nd year of Basbaglar massacre

Although 22 years passed over 28 people being lined up and shoot by guns and 5 people killed by burning violently in Basbaglar village of Kemaliye town in Erzincan, the perpetrators are still not found.

When the dates were showing 5th July 1993 the crazed killers splotched bloods of Muslims to their dirty hands in Basbaglar village of Kemaliye town in Erzincan. 3 days after the event happened in Sivas Madimak hotel the Basbaglar massacre, performed as kind of a revenge of the event still continues to burn hearts.

33 people were martyred

Islamic enemy, the bandit gang, they turned to the village at the time of evening prayers and massacred 28 people brutally including  Molla Adil, the imam of the mosque and burned the village. This seditious gang sacked women's jewelries, burned all of the cars, on those days which the seditious are free and not found yet, in total of 33 people lost their lives. The murderers left 30 widow women and 70 orphans and moved back tho their dark world. No matter the press was insensitive to the massacre, the judicial process has remained inconclusive and the case was removed.

16 people who were detained after the Basbaglar massacre were released. However Erzincan State Security Court appealed to this decision. The delegation of judgers that established by State Security Court, released the suspects after 4 hours of meeting. The case was then sent to the Izmir State Security Court. In 1998, while the court decided 2 of the suspects were members of terrorist organization, the rest of them were released.

E.A. who has witnessed the massacre explains things as; “As soon as we would start the evening prayers, my grandchild came. Said that the anarchists attacked to the village. So I shut the door quickly. When closing the door, they saw me. They came and asked me open the door. But I did not open the door. They turned away. After doing our evening salah, we began to do prayers (Asking things from Allah). I looked out the window, seen that they break my neighbours door and they took the man out from his house. They put a man there in front of the house aiming gun at him. A few people came, broke our door and entered to the house, they asked if there were any man in house. After I said that men weren’t at home they came inside. At that time, I handed them the money available right next to me, by thinking that maybe they would get the money and go away without doing anything. They took the money and took me my daughter in law and my grandchild out by pushing us with the gun in their hands. I have seen that they were putting bomb to the room while I went back. After we went out they burnt our house. While they took me out they treated me with violence. They dragged me even though I told them that I was old and sick. They took us to places where they gathered women. They put bombs around us. Meanwhile some were doing these others were burning cars and houses.” (ILKHA)