New system for university in Turkiye

New system for university in Turkiye

Higher Education Board President Prof. Dr. Yekta Saraç stated that the new name of higher education entrance exam is “Higher Education Institutions Examination”.

According to Saraç's statements, candidates will attend two separate sessions at the Higher Education Institutions Examination. At the first session, candidates will take the basic qualification test. In this test, the candidates’ judgment, reasoning, logical thinking that is focused on verbal and numerical skills to use Turkish correctly, reading comprehension, measuring the enjoyment of fundamental mathematical and language comprehension will be aimed.

The exam will be based on the Ministry of Education curriculum

The Basic Proficiency Test, which consists of Turkish and basic Mathematics questions will be based on the joint curriculum of Ministry of National Education, as well as the past years. All candidates will have to attend this first session. The Basic Proficiency Test, which consists of 40 Turkish and 40 Mathematics questions, will be held at the morning session on Saturday. The final result of this test will determine the Candidate's Basic Proficiency Test score.

The exam will be held in June

In the second session in the afternoon the candidates will be based on information included in the school curriculum is still in accordance with the procedure followed in previous years. The Higher Education Institutions Exam will take place with a two-session examination, which will be held on Saturday, June one weekend, excluding the language examination. The foreign language test will be held on the same weekend in a single session on Sunday. (ILKHA)