Call for Jerusalem from the Mustazafs Association

Call for Jerusalem from the Mustazafs Association

Following the announcement of the US acceptance of Jerusalem as the capital of the zionists, Mustazafs Association Headquarters called on all Muslims with the statement it published.

The Mustazafs Association Headquarters, which reacted strongly to the US decision on the status of Jerusalem, urged all Muslims to respond strongly.

The following statements were made by the Headquarters of the Mustazafs Association:

"The captivity of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa for nearly a century has witnessed a lot of pain and carnage. The Zionists, within the beginning of the occupation period in 1947, carried out large massacres with the support of Western and the United States. Underground of Aqsa Mosque which is holy for Muslims, has been undermined for the destruction, the adhans were silenced, and the lots of people were martyred in its yard.

Unfortunately, until today, the Islamic ummah did not show a strong stand against the great persecution. This silence and abasement have opened the way for zionist invaders and their supporters to grow up occupation with greater courage and recklessness. The rulers of the Ummah have fallen into the fuss of protecting their seat and their reigns, ignoring the dignity and the glory of the ummah. They are valeted to the oppressors and fight to the Ummah.

The great devil, America, which has crushed, slaughtered, and exploited all the resources of the ummah, has finally taken the step of occupying Jerusalem. The step taken with the signature of US President Donald Trump, will not really benefit anything but only zionism.

Of course, there is no binding for the Islamic nation that this step taken by the colonial US. We do not see the existence of zionists occupying Palestinian lands in the sacred town of Jerusalem as legitimate. We do not see legitimate decisions made by those who stand behind Zionists. The issue that has been brought to the agenda of international public opinion is that we find unacceptable.  

We want to emphasize that this last step of the Crusader-Zionist alliance is not the existence or extermination test only for Jerusalem, but also for the Ummah. The position and stance of the Ummah will be decisive for the future.

Therefore, we invite all the Muslims, including our volunteers and members to own the holy land Masjid al-Aqsa and stand against the US and zionist occupiers." (ILKHA)