Hot-meal aid from HUDA PAR to Arakanese Muslims

Hot-meal aid from HUDA PAR to Arakanese Muslims

HUDA PAR Youth Branch helped the Arakanese Muslims with hot-meal in the camps of Bangladesh.

HUDA PAR Youth Branch provided hot-meal aid to Arakanese Muslims, those who exposed to systematic genocide carried out by the Myanmar army and Buddhist gangs and escaped to camps, struggling to survive in Bangladesh border.

HUDA PAR Youth Branches, which started to work with the Orphans Foundation in aid activities in the region, helped hundreds of families in the first phase with their help.

HUDA PAR Youth Arms President Ilyas Kaya made explanations to ILKHA’s correspondent and said that humanitarian aid will continue.

Kaya stated that as HUDA PAR Youth Branches, they would not be insensitive to those living in Arakan, expressed that they took their place in the front line to help Arakanese who took shelter in Bangladesh.

Kaya, who describes the living in Arakan as a great pain for Muslims, said: "In the past two centuries there has been a lot of suffering and persecution in the geography of Islam. In recent times, Buddhist gangs carried out their persecution of Rohingya Muslims. Even they cannot be worshiped collectively in the mosques. Even if they fulfill Muslims religious duties as individuals, they are regarded as a crime. Rohingya Muslims are being massacred before the eyes of the world. We, HUDA PAR, as the Youth Arms, have been at the forefront to help our Muslim brothers and sisters who are young, children and elderly living in this persecution. As a result of our joint work with the Orphans Foundation Headquarters, we also took part in this aid activity." (M. Hüseyin Temel, Mehmet Çelik - ILKHA)