Zionist invaders attack on Palestinians

Zionist invaders attack on Palestinians

Zionist gangs attacked on Palestinians after the US recognized Jerusalem as the capital city of the occupiers. Seventeen people were injured according to the initial reports.

Zionist gangs attacked on the Palestinians, who were protesting US President Donald Trump's Jerusalem decision.

By Trump's decision of Jerusalem, the half-century occupation moved to a new dimension. The Palestinians have expressed their disapproval to the decision by protesting in busiest streets of East Bank in Zahra and Saladin streets.

Hamas leader Haniye made a call for a new intifada to be launched after Trump's decision in Jerusalem. "We have to start a new intifada against the zionist enemy," read the statement made by Haniye.

Zionist invaders attacked on the Palestinians, who were on the streets to protest after the call of the intifada. At the time of the attack, it was stated that the real bullet was used as well as pepper gas. At least 17 people were wounded.

On the other hand, it was learned that the invading gangs raided the various regions of Yaka and Nablus province, kept 33 Palestinians. (ILKHA)