Cevzet Soysal's murder suspects release

Cevzet Soysal's murder suspects release

Six suspects, who were taken into custody in the case of murdering Cevzet Soysal in 1998, were released.

Two retired, two regular police officers who were taken into custody two weeks ago, allegedly kidnapped and murdered Cevzet Soysal in Batman in 1998, including two detainee police officers who were arrested linked to FETO, were released by the court.

It was seen that the released murderer suspects were taken away from the Batman Court House by police with extensive security measures.

Attorney of Soysal family Veysel Topkan reacted to the release decision, said: "Six suspects were taken into custody by Batman Prosecutor Office allegedly kidnapped Cevzet Soysal from Batman province in 1998, tortured and killed him. Despite the witnesses police officer Hulusi Altınlı revealed and documented the incident, all the murder suspects were released under the condition of the judicial control.”

Topkan stated that Hulusi Cemil Altınlı was telling about how they had kidnapped and killed Cevzet Soysal, saying: “Ex-police officer Hulusi Cemil Altınlı gives six names while they kidnapped Cevzet Soysal in his testimony he was telling about the incident. Saying that they had kidnapped Cevzet Soysal together with this group and that they interrogated him at the house of a police officer named Cem and then executed him in the direction of Fethullah Gulen and buried him in Güvercin Village near Batman. He also confessed that four police officers were present at the time burying Cevzet Soysal.”

"The prime suspect, in this case, is Fethullah Gulen"

Explaining that one of the ex-police officers gave his statement scoffingly said attorney Topkan and added: "One of the suspects gave his statement scoffingly to the police, the prosecutor's office, and the court and said, 'Cevzet Soysal was following me in 2015, I pulled my gun and he runs away, he could still be alive.' The court released those ex-police officers over an incident happened 20 years ago.  The prime suspect, in this case, is Fethullah Gulen as far as we understood from the declarations of the police officer Hulusi Cemil Altınlı at that time.” (M. Sait Çelik - ILKHA)