Helping hand to Arakanese from Hope Caravan

Helping hand to Arakanese from Hope Caravan

Bingöl Hope Caravan extended its helping hand to Arakanese Muslims in Bangladesh.

Bingöl Hope Caravan [Umut Kervanı] from Turkiye, provided aid to Arakanese Muslims who were subjected to genocide by the Myanmar army and Buddhist gangs and who struggled to survive in camps near Bangladesh in order not to be exposed to new massacres.

In this direction; hot meals to 520 people, 15 kilograms food package, 200 blankets, 100 pieces of carpet, 50 woman dress, 70 male jackets and toys for children were provided to refugees. In addition, a well was opened; three bathrooms for women and a mosque were built.

Abdullah Kaya, one of the officials of the Bingöl Hope Caravan, said that they started the aid campaign as Bingöl Hope Caravan to be a hope for the victims and oppressed in Arakan.

Stating that they distributed their aid in refugee camps in Cox's Bazaar of Bangladesh, Kaya expressed that they will continue to provide help as much as they can.

"The number of immigrants is increasing day by day"

Bilal Kıtay, a businessman who came to the refugee camp along with the officials of Bingöl Hope Caravan to provide aid to Arakanese, said:

"Before we came here, we had some ideas as far as we obtained from media, but the picture we saw here is very different from our thoughts. According to the information, we received from the local community, the number of people migrating up to now, about one million 600 thousand people and increasing day by day. Placing that many people in such a small area causing long queues while distributing aid." (Nihat Kanat - ILKHA)