India cruelty in Kashmir

India cruelty in Kashmir

The demonstrations continue in Kashmir after the martyr of 25-year-old Muslim Asif Iqbal who was shot in the head by the Indian soldiers.

Indian soldiers continue persecution in Kashmir. Demonstrations continue that started after Asif Iqbal was martyred nearly 10 days ago. Hundreds of Muslims were wounded in police attacks.

According to information reported by local sources, the Indian army ambushed the Mujahedeen in the town of Thindpura in the region of northern Kashmir and in the de facto restricted Kapwara region between India and Pakistan.

At those times, 25-years-old Asif Iqbal, who took one of sick neighbor to the hospital, was shot in the head while he was leaving his house and lost his life.

Shortly after the event spread, Muslims from nearby villages began demonstrating in streets, throwing anti-Indian slogans that triggered conflicts in the region. The Indian police who attacked Kashmir Muslims injured dozens of people.

Mobile internet service in Kashmir was also closed so that the protests that started after the martyrs of Iqbal not to spread more.

Human rights activists in Kashmir say violence will continue as long as the army has the support of laws such as the Armed Forced Special Powers Act.

"The incident is not accountable in Kashmir and the killings will continue," said Parvez Imroz, a human right lawyer in Kashmir, and added: "The forces enjoy exemption here.  Incidents will happen because last week the army killed a woman and now this case of a driver happened."

Indian police, who made a statement about the martyrdom of Iqbal, said that the death of Iqbal was a "false identity". (ILKHA)