Yezidies have had enough of pressure

Yezidies have had enough of pressure

Brought to the region and placed in properties of HDP municipalities after the conflict with ISIS in Chingal region of Iraq, Yezidies began to leave the camps because of difficult conditions they suffered there.

Being on agenda and spoken for a while due to massacre by ISIS, yezidies were being looked after by HDP municipalities in a none understandable way and were brought to the region and placed to a the areas belonging to the municipality.

Placed to a camping area in Diyarbakir’s Yenisehir municipality area by HDP, yezidies were complaining about the conditions in the camp but, merely for not permitted into the camp of the municipal police, news agencies failed to get healthy information from the camp.

The camp came to the agenda with hearsay experienced

After settling into camp coming on agenda with rape and some other unexplainable suicide attempts, Yezidies were also being used for attacking to local people on 6-7th October excused attacks and due to the documents were brought up by hospital records, approved that.

Are they livings because of heavy camp conditions?

Indicating that after all these things happened they didn’t want to live in the camp anymore and because of this they wanted to go Bulgarian border, Yezidies said that the environment and the progress didn’t give them any hope for the future and they wanted to remove because they couldn’t take the camp conditions anymore.

Trying to leave with the busses they rented, Yezidies weren’t allowed to leave by governorate and the Gendarmerie blocked those who wanted to leave.

Do the municipality polices not let those who left the camp to go back?

It was claimed that the families who left the camp weren’t let to be back to the camp by the municipal police, it was monitored that the families weren’t taken back to the camp were sited in empty fields or under the bridges that around 100 meters beyond the camp.

Leaving the camp Basel Xelef (20) saying the conditions in the camp were bad, He indicated that there weren’t any opportunities implied for children’s health and education and the tents are suitable in terms of summer hit.

Indicating that they couldn’t take these bad conditions and the conditions that they were in forced them to migrate from the camps, Xelef said that they wanted to go to Bulgarian border and move to Europe from there.

"We want our tribulations to be eliminated"

Indicating that their Purpose was to go Bulgarian border and make the world to hear their voice, so that their tribulations would be eliminated, Xelef said that they were locked since this morning and they weren’t allowed to go.

Xelef said; “Gendarmerie does not allow us to go. Families are here since 05:00 this morning. Children are drinking dirty water flowing. They also do not allow us to enter the camp. We fled because of the war from Chingal. We were hungry and thirsty in the mountains and deserts. Now we are experiencing the same situation here. We are not allowed to go anywhere. "

"We just can go out in some strict hours within our Identification Card"

Making some description about the issue, Dexil Necar stated that they just go out in some exact hours within the Identification Card issued by the migration Administration Provincial Directorate and they couldn’t move freely in the camp environments and conditions, stating that they had to maintain their lives in hard situations; he said it was very difficult to live there.

"We are living in a large victimization"

Requesting help for a trip to abroad, Necar said that they were told that they wouldn’t be able to perform such a journey with these cards, so they had a great grievance on this issue.

"No matter what it costs to us we will not return again"

Indicating that their Grievances were growing every day and the camp administration were making them more grievance, Said Belces said that camp administration were telling them that they wouldn’t be allowed to go back to camp if they left the camp once.

Belces, reacted by saying; "Well, then, we will not go back again, no matter whatever it costs to us."

Everyone in the camp wants to leave

Stating that a total of 4 thousand people staying in the camp, the camp residents said that approximately 2 thousand people have left the camp for good, while the rest are looking for opportunity to leave the camp.

Coming to the Yezidi camp that there were conflicts, Cinar Governor Ismail Sanlu, has closely followed the developments by taking information about recent developments.

The anticipation of Yezidi families continues. (ILKHA)

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