A Report from Dost-Der submitted to Arinc

A Report from Dost-Der submitted to Arinc

Mardin DOST-DER (Friendship, Education and Solidarity Association) has handed over a report to Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc who performed an official visit to Mardin titled “Region, Reconciliation Process and 2015 General Election.”

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc came to Mardin for an official visit yesterday. Attending an Iftar dinner which was arranged by his party Arinc also visited Mardin and Yesilli municipalities administrated by AK Party mayors and got information about the services. After perfoming his noon prayer at Fuat Yagci Mosque, Arinc went to governor’s office then to the bureau of Mardin AK Party office. Arinc made explanations about the current agenda of the country. During this visit Dost-Der has submitted an 18 articles report titled “Region, Reconciliation Process and 2015 General Election” here is the report;

1. Reconciliation Process has left the region to the mercy of PKK and its political extensions.

2. Addressing PKK and its derivatives as a single resort caused disregarding of other communities and movements. Minister and Deputy Prime Minister who are in charge of Reconciliation Process have misinformed Prime Minister.

3. Mr. Erdogan’s sayings “There isn’t a matter of Kurdish Question” and “Kobani is about to fall” and about 6-8 protests “Kurds are killing each other” have had an adverse impact over people in the region.

4. Pro- Government media has treated and presented HDP as a representative of Kurdish Politic Movement. PKK’s persecution was ignored for the sake of Reconciliation Process.  Public security has never been maintained on the contrary of the media’s broadcast. Businessmen suspended their investments and the civil servants wanted to go to the western cities.

5. It was seen during 6-8 protests that government cannot maintain public security in the cities. Local authorities weren’t summoned to pay for the account of the massacres committed during 6-8 October protests.

6. Although PKK signed an armistice with State, pointed its weapons to people and tens of people killed and almost none of these murderers’ identified. People were left defenseless against PKK.

7. PKK has reached its greatest power through the reconciliation process and activities such as interception, kidnapping, racketeering and judging people have reached an unbearable level.

8. Under favor of Reconciliation Process PKK has completed its organizational structure in the cities. YDGH (Patriotic Revolutionist Youth Movement) is a clear example of this.

9. It wasn’t predicted by architects of Reconciliation Process that PKK would never lay down weapons. It is impossible for PKK to lay down the weapons. In the light of this reality, Process mustn’t be continued unless PKK lays down its weapons.

10. AK Party tenaciously ignored the Islamic organizations and remained deaf to their warnings however overrated PKK and its affiliated organizations and parties in the region. Continuously addressed the remarks of PKK and its Parties even they broke the principles of the Reconciliation Process many times though. In these premises region people have been left on the hook and they approached PKK even though they were against it. Even the village guards appeared like they are taking sides of them.

11. Religious peoples’ way wasn’t cleared both economically and politically in the region.

12. People in the line of AK Party district management were mostly self-seeker and they haven’t acted as they are having a cause. Mujahids turned into contractors.

13. During the process of determining the candidates, tendency surveys were ignored. People were degraded to a position of “man rubs his belly” (an expression used for lax people) with these candidates written in the lists.

14. HDP has used the advantage of having weapons during their election campaigns. Under the name of conducting poll, people who wouldn’t vote for HDP had been determined and they were all threatened.

15. The most important part of the election is ballot security that was highly neglected by security forces, polling clerks and other parties’ observers. Ballot boxes were completely left HDP observers.

16. Even though gerrymandering in the election had widespread media coverage with clear evidences, the authorities overlooked the cases and didn’t take any action. As voter turnout in Turkey was 83%, it was 93% in the region that is likely absent voters were casted by others.

17. Income support of farmers was blocked by cabinet decree on behalf of the TEDAS (Turkish Electricity Distribution Corporation) supervene upon power outage urged farmers to HDP politics.

18. Kurdish people will completely be drifted to HDP’s propaganda if it is continued to define Kurds as ungrateful or traitors after the election. (ILKHA)