Hamas thanked people of Turkiye for Al-Quds

Hamas thanked people of Turkiye for Al-Quds

Hamas Political Bureau Chairman Ismail Henie thanked people of Turkiye because of their attitude for the Jerusalem.

Hamas Political Bureau Chairman, Ismail Henie, discussed the latest developments on the issue of Jerusalem with the Turkish Ambassador in Palestine, Gürcan Türkoğlu.

According to a written statement from Hamas, Henie appreciated Turkiye's stance on the zionist occupied Jerusalem.

Henie lauded the Turkish position towards the issue of Jerusalem, the success of the recent Islamic summit in Turkiye, and the stands of the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Jerusalem.

For his part, Türkoğlu reiterated Turkiye’s firm position towards Palestine and Jerusalem in particular and asserted that his country stands by Gaza under the siege. He added that underway efforts will be upheld until the U.S. withdraws its decision. (ILKHA)