Sheikh Said was commemorated

Sheikh Said was commemorated

It was announced that Islamic NGOs will come together in Diyarbakir Sheik Said square to commemorate the anniversary of the martyrdom of Sheikh Said and executions in Egypt.

Islamic NGOs will gather in Sheikh Said square for Taraweeh prayers on Sunday 28th June to commemorate the anniversary of Sheikh Said and to react for the executions in Egypt.

Society was invited to Sheikh Said square for “Commemorating Sheikh Said and standing against executions in Egypt.” by 72 NGOs within Taraweeh prayers.

In the statement given, "On the anniversary day of execution of Sheikh Said June 28th Sunday. Everybody is invited with their rugs to Taraweeh prayers that held by 72 Islamic NGOs ‘Commemorating Sheikh Said and standing for executions in Egypt’ we look forward to see all our brothers and sisters with their rugs on prayers.” (ILKHA)

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