'Spy' crisis in Agri municipality

'Spy' crisis in Agri municipality

Indicating that the conditions of contract workers that working in the Agri Municipality and the their rights are not delivered to them, DISK (Turkey's Revolutionary Workers Unions Confederation) branch president said that the workers being targeted for attacks and blamed with spying.

Stating that working conditions of contract employees of Agri municipality were very heavy and they didn’t receive their payments, DISK (Turkey's Revolutionary Workers Unions Confederation) Branch Chairman Ersin Erincik joined the demonstration in the garden Municipality held by employees.

Stating that they didn’t receive their salary differences and their payments arising from their overtime work, 60 Agri Municipality employees who are members Turkey's Revolutionary Workers Unions Confederation (DISK), held quitting job activities for one hour.

Helding Press release on behalf of the Group DISK Pain Branch Chairman Ersin Erincik, said that the employees working for the municipality couldn’t get their payments arising from the contract judgment, salary differences and overtime wages on time, so they takento the judgment, in case if the decision of local court that taken to the Supreme Court was approved, they prepared payment schedule protocol.

"We don’t receive our payments"

Indicating that they faced problems despite the payments schedule protocol prepared, Erincik expressed that immediately after the new administration elected in 1st July last year, they tried to solve the differences in salary and overtime work payment through friendship laws.

Erincik continued: "We have prepared our rights given by the Supreme Court's decision by dialogue and protocol schedule. While together with the interest we deserved over 30 thousand lira, as friends we did sacrifice some of our rights. We gave up around 50 or 60 percent of our payment. Our lawyer gave up over 50 percent. We have prepared a protocol about our existing payments to 10 equal installments. After three installments they didn’t pay the rest of our payments. We also had bonuses to be paid on the 15th of next month."

"Our friends are constantly being threatened"

Indicating that their subcontractor employees of Agri municipulity are working under severe conditions, Erincik said, "Imagine a labor who is working for 365 days. On all of the meetings Vice presidents Halef Keklik and Omar Polat are swearing and insulting us all the time plus they also threaten our friends. Currently 16 of our friends are employed without insurance. Because the municipality didn’t pay for their insurance. Each of our subcontractor friend’s one monthly salary is to be paid but they don’t. And when we ask for the monthly salary that they didn’t pay, they say forget it."

"Why DBP (Peace and Democracy Party) municipal administration is approaching labor this way?"

Emphasizing that the municipality trying to divide the employees to groups, Erincik said there were strange activities taking place in municipality, he also said that they were trying to divide workers and added that these applications of municipality form groups between workers.

Calling out to municipal administration, Erincik by saying, "Even if you like us or not, you must address us’’ called them to be faithful to the adhere they published when they entered to the election as municipality.

Sending loud message to Sirri Sakik who did blame him with being crook, Erincik said, "I say that to the Sirri president that who are behaving as crooks are your vice presidents. They are the ones signed the protocol and weren’t faithful to their signature, they did promise and not keep it. Top sources of this municipality are being plundered by using executive courts."

"They give the name of spy to those who are searching for their rights"

Indicating that their friends who come to the municipality and ask for their payments being blamed with spying, Erincik reacted by stating "So disgraced atmosphere is being created here, they call everyone ‘spy’ and they swear. Nobody is hearing our voice. It is like Agri Municipal workers were kept full of pain running from the rain though. Each of our friends have got 15 thousand of payment remaining from the municipality. When we ask for these payments of us; we become spy’s, and it is considered as frazzling the municipality.” (ILKHA)