'Hüseyin had an exemplary Islamic personality'

'Hüseyin had an exemplary Islamic personality'

Describing the European Orphan Association Secretary General Hüseyin Kuyuldar, who had lost his life in the Rhine River and buried in Bingöl the day before, his colleagues stated that he had an exemplary Islamic personality that had a good relationship with his surroundings.

Expressing by his friends that Hüseyin Kuyuldar who lost his life in the Rhine River in France had an exemplary Islamic personality and loved by people.

Hüseyin Kuyurdar's friends told about his life, his relations with his surroundings and his Islamic services.

Hasan Kuyuldar, the brother of the European Orphan Association General Secretary Hüseyin Kuyuldar, told about his brother's life-related memories, saying that he grew up in Islamic studies from his young age and that his life until his death passed through Islamic services.

“His life has passed through Taqwa, righteous deeds and a humble personality"

Saying that his brother met with Islamic studies at the age of 10, read the Qur'an and began to recognize the Prophet Muhammad, Kuyuldar added, “He did not leave the prayer since his young age. He continued his worship. He went to Germany, where he did not have acts that would prejudice the Islamic life. His life has passed through Taqwa, righteous deeds, and a humble personality.”

“He was upset for the conflicts between Muslims”

Kuyuldar stated that what his brother liked most in his life was to serve the people who live the religion of Allah, he continued to tell his brother:

“He did that service with worship love. He did not want to be a front planner. He always had a service-based approach. He told what he knew correctly and did not break the heart of his correspondent. A Christian who we were together cried for him when came to his funeral and wished mercy for him. He was very sorry for the conflicts between Muslims.”

European Orphan Association Chairman Murat Korkut also expressed his witness to his colleague friend Hüseyin Kuyurdar, saying that his separation is very difficult for them.

“We believe that he went to the heaven for living a beautiful life”

“Hüseyin had very good services, and in the near future we had our choice, we would like to see him as our general president,” Kokut said.

“Hüseyin was saying this, ‘our rush should only be for the sake of Allah.’ The fact that he showed this with his life.” (ILKHA)