US to continue support arms to YPG

US to continue support arms to YPG

It is learned that in 2018, the US will send weapons and ammunition worth the US $ 500 million to the YPG, which has supported with thousands of trucks of weapons so far.

Despite the fact that in Iraq and Syria there is no piece of land belonging to DAESH and that the domination of DAESH is ended in all regions, the imperialist United States which sent thousands of weapons loaded trucks to YPG before, will again send weapons, vehicles, ammunition and equipment in the amount of 500 million dollars in 2018.

The US Department of Defense budget, which was approved by the General Assembly of Representatives on 15 November, was also uploaded to the Ministry's site. According to the approved budget, the Pentagon's 2018 Fiscal Yearly Budget was $ 692 billion, up $ 74 billion from the previous year.

Even in the year 2017, when the biggest attacks against the DAESH were held, the US military aid was amounting to 430 million dollars with the additional budget, attracts attention despite the fact that the DAESH is over.

The Pentagon's budget detail states that there are now 25,000 armed PKK / YPGs in the region. It is reported that 5 thousand people will be trained this year and added to current YPG / PKK group and that at the end of 2018 with the help of USA will fight in the field.

Despite the fact that Donald Trump considers it as nonsense arming the YPG, the US 2018 budget has been loaded on the site of the Ministry of Defense. Since there is no official written explanation about the cancellation of the Syrian training program envisaged in the budget or the amendment of the program, it is seen that PKK / PYD will continue to be provided these benefits. (ILKHA)